The Personal-Website-Verse

I've stopped reading social media a while ago and switched to a couple of news outlets and hand-picked blogs. That just happened when I noticed that most of what is presented to me, does not interest me and seems to simply suck me into wasting time.

There was great talk about exactly this by Tantek Çelik at a "boutique" conference in Düsseldorf called "beyond tellerrand":

Take Back Your Web - Tantek Çelik from beyond tellerrand on Vimeo.

This talk and another great overview article also go into detail what we can do instead of consuming the web solely through social media. The solution is the personal website. With newer standards the interconnections between those sites and feedback also improved.

It's my deep conviction that to combat the questionable ethics behind the powerful recommendation algorithms of Youtube and Facebook, we will have to actively built an attractive alternative. Personal websites, these new technologies and good old RSS seem like the best way there to me.